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All this music is copyright, all rights reserved, etc. etc. registered and all that. Most of this music was composed between 2012 and 2016, though some of the jazz compositions are much earlier.

Music composed to teach functional semitone resolutions

Some of this music is very useful for learning purposes, and is sorted by grade/level so to speak. These levels are approximately equal to the Toronto Conservatory of music levels. Furthermore, a great deal of this music was composed specifically to teach functional tonal resolutions. That is, the songs are full of close-tone/chromatic dissonances which resolve as expected, functionally, to the resting/drone tones one would expect. 7 to 8, #4 to 5, #2 to 3, b6 to 5, 4 to 3 ,b2 to 1. and in combintations. These resolutions are the underlying 'working tones' of all functional/tonal resolutions ( aside from the whole step/modal dissonances), which have not been pursued rigorously in a teaching collections such as this previously. There is huge value for ear development by playing this repertoire, especially at the easier levels

All this music is composed and performed by Glen Charles Halls. 
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Also, the music from the album 'alpine suite is here... it's conceived as a play along album with an easy version and a harder version.




Primer Plus Level

Primer Studies.. the basics

Easy duets primer level


Piano Music level 1

Piano Music Level 1a

Piano Level 1 Studies

Easy Duets level 1


Piano music level 2

Piano Music Level 2a

Level 2 Studies

Easy Duets level 2

Level 3

Level 4 and Above , including 'jazz' compositions