free creative improvisation trio

'Tides of War'

Thom Golub,Bass,Ron De Jong, drums. David Hoyle, saxophone and recorders.

This recording is of a live performance at the explorations creative jazz festival in Edmonton, Canada in 2008. Thom Golub's trio offers a searching, almost narrative improvisation as the three musicians seem to collectively tell a story.

At times the music has a 'military' overtone, perhaps like warriors preparing for battle. The music contains space, so lacking in much free jazz improvisation. During the space the idea of 'respectfully thinking before replying' comes to mind, rather than the incessant 'stream of consciousness fast and sometimes reckless playing that can be associated with this kind of music.


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We hope you enjoy this composition/improvisation. It shows a hugh variety of invention and creativity, but also the important idea that improvised music does not have to blow you away with volume and speed. Musicians can work together to create simple, beautiful musical stories and sound spaces.






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