free jazz standards duo

There is no Greater Love

This recording of the jazz standard "There is No Greater Love" features drummer Mark Hundevad with Pianist Glen Charles Halls. The original song was composed in 1936 by Isham Jones, with lyrics by Mary Symes.

The performance begins with textural 'sounds' from the drummer, and ambiguous, floating, 'Debussy-like' harmonies. Into this texture, the main 'theme' of There is No greater love, is gradually worked in

One of the advantages of duo playing ( without a bassist ) is that the bass player is not shoving roots and thirds down your throat all the time. This gives the drummer a chance to extend phrasing, and lets the pianist/guitarist reinterpret the flow of harmony much more easily. For much of this performance, arguably the most successful aspects, pianist Halls engages in a kind of Right lead versus left bass line counterpoint, with very interesting harmonic diversions implied by the left hand.

Suddenly toward the end,, out of nowhere, the duo breaks into pedal and free floating textures, allowing a great deal of space for Hundevad to 'fill'. It just goes to show, there truly are no 'rules' in jazz performance. Take chances, keep it fresh!


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Glen Charles Halls and Mark Hundevad released an Album called 'Visions of the Bear' in 2013 which features playing similar to this. If interested, please visit Itunes or Amazon or CDbaby and check it out.