free jazz standards duo

Stella By Starlight

This recording features drummer Mark Hundevad with Pianist Glen Charles Halls in one of the most 'free' versions of the jazz standard 'Stella by Starlight' (by Gerome Kern) that you will ever hear. For most of the performance, the piano, in a loose harmonic counterpoint, floats above Hundevad's textural drumming. At another time, the entire form, or most of it, is placed over a Tonic Pedal. The music then breaks into loose, darting lines and exchanges. Only at the very end, do we hear the 'original' changes in a more conventional rendition.


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Mark Hundevad and Glen Charles Halls released an Album called 'Visions of the Bear' in 2013 which features playing similar to this. If interested, please visit Itunes or Amazon or CDbaby and check it out.