creative folk jazz

'Simple Autumn Tune'

Daniel Lapp, trumpet with Glen Charles Halls, Piano, and Brent Van Dusen, percussion

This performance features pianist Glen Charles Halls with Trumpter Daniel Lapps. The song actually has two titles: Simple Autumn Tune, and Song of Change. . It might be termed 'creative folk jazz' in style. It is a beautiful song based on a single mode, influenced subtley by Indian Classical Music. It is contructed on a recurring 6 beat, 4 chord pattern largely. The piano part is interesting as calls for the left hand to cross over the right at times.


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Piano and guitar sheet music for this song is also available from Sound of Light music. Violinists would also be able to obtain a copy of the music.

This track is from the recording 'alpine suite', released by Deeksha records


The Album and track is for sale and may be purchased on amazon or from Itunes.