free creative improvisation trio


Thom Golub,Bass, David Hoyle, saxophone and recorders, Ron De Jong, drums.

Beautiful textures, melodies, and improvsation from this trio featuring the expressive bass playing of Thom Golub, the understated and creative textural drumming of Ron Dejong, and the beautiful recorder and saxophone tones and melodies of David Hoyle. It is a longer improvisation, about 24 minutes. Towards the end the drummer DeJong takes the music into a very interesting freejazz swing texture, which has a very nice space to it. At times you can hear two saxophone or recorder tones at the same time, ... this is not through an effects processor. David Hoyle actually has two horns and two mouthpieces in his mouth at the same time!


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This recording is of a live concert at the explorations creative jazz festival in Edmonton, Canada in 2008. There is a definite sense of spirituality to this offering, and the trio plays within themselves and within the ensemble to create a truly beautiful offering of improvised music.






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