free creative jazz improvisation trio

'Oceans Away'

Thom Golub,Bass, Glen Charles Halls, piano, Ron De Jong, drums.

This recording is of a live concert from the explorations creative jazz festival in Edmonton, Canada in 2008. It features a free jazz trio of Glen Charles Halls on piano, Thom Golub on bass, and Ron Dejong on Drums. This a stunning and beautiful piece, stunning in its simplicity. Halls plays simple harmonies with a plain, suggested melody above. Golub, hearing this, contributes beatiful arco sul-ponticello bass melodies whisping high above. Then the drummer, Ron Dejong, hearing all of this, comes in very low with an understated and implied swing feel featuring the play of the ride cymbol. The three lines remain juxtaposed in three part sustained textures, creating a wonderful sonic space and effect. Impressionism comes to the mind, which is perhaps why the work was given the title "Ocean's Away"


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In the background you an hear a ticking clock. This is because the timing of the improvisation was determined by a random roll of the dice, and a clock set. In fact, the members of the trio were chosen randomly from drawing names from a hat. This concept was the brainchild of series co-producer Garry Checora.






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