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'New Glory'

Modern Jazz composition by Glen C. Halls, performed by Jazz Sextet.

Performance at the 2008 Exploration Modern Creative Jazz Festival by a sextet made up of Bill Jamieson, tenor sax, Bret Miles, tenor sax, Bob Tildesley, trumpet. Thom Golub, bass, Glen C. Halls, piano, and Mike Gillespie, drums.


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Bill Jamieson takes a great 'texas blues-gospel' style solo, on this wonderful and simple composition by Glen Halls. Interestingly, the entire song is 'in the key of D', with all chords chosen as D diatonic/modal harmonies, so that the song could easily be played by Indian Musicians on Indian instruments, tuned to the D Drone..

Sheet music is available for this song. Please Contact sound of light music for details.






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