meditative creative folk jazz


Daniel Lapp, trumpet. Glen C. Halls, piano.

This composition, by Glen Halls, is called 'Mist' and it features trumpeter, fiddler Daniel Lapp and halls on piano. It could be described as a meditative song in a folk-jazz idiom. Gentle background percussion creates a haunting, somewhat mournful mood. The song really sounds like a simple country folk song to begin with, featuring the fiddling of Daniel Lapp.

Brent Van Dusen adds textural and background percussion. At one time you can hear Daniel Lapp actually playing fiddle long tones and muted trumpet at the same time! That was live.. not multitracked.


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This track is actually a song from the album "Alpine Suite" featuring music composed by Glen Halls, and released on Deeksha Records. The track contemplation and the album alpine suite may be purchased from itunes or CDbaby or Amazon.

Sheet music for piano or guitar of this song is available through sound of light music productions.






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