free jazz improv duo


Glen C. Halls, piano. Mark Hundevad, vibes.

This recording presents pianist Glen Charles Halls in duo improvisation with percussionist-vibraphonist Mark Hundevad. The improvisation moves through arpeggiation textures, to the exchange of lines, with attention given to the 'sustain' of sonorities. The two meander this way and that, taking turns leading. Occasionally textural counterpoint emerges with piano and vibes alternately playing parallel fifth gestures.

It is an interesting sound as the vibes sits slightly higher in register than the piano, and has a similar timbre in many respects. The playing is very fast and confident at times, with many changes in direction and intensity. You might call the playing 'virtuosic' in some respects... the lines are very fast!


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Glen Charles Halls and Mark Hundevad also released an Album called 'Visions of the Bear' in 2013 which features some playing similar to this. If interested, please visit Itunes or Amazon or CDbaby and check it out.