contemporary composition structured improvisation


Performance of a composition called "Leaves" by Edmonton, Canada based bassist and Composer, Thom Golub.

This composition might be considered a 'structured improvisation' as it combines notated with freely improvised elements. The composition creates a beautiful impression of the shape and movements of leaves as they sway, fall, and turn, which could not have been achieved in any other way other than through the use of structured improvisation, and performed by free jazz musicians.

Modern creative and jazz bassists will pay special note of Golub's repertiore of expressive bass techniques, intergrated around short melodic statements.


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Members of the group include Bill Jamieson(tenor), Bob Tildesley (tpt) Bret Miles ( tenor) Glen C. Halls, piano. Thom Golub (bass), Mike Gillespie (drum). This performance took place as part of the 2008 Explorations Creative music festival in Edmonton, Canada.


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