jazz composition

'Lament for Lost Love'

Composition by drummer Mike Gillespie.

Here is a performance of a composition by Edmonton-based jazz drummer Mike Gillespie entitled Lament for lost love. It is in a jazz waltz style, featuring many ii-V-I type movements to various keys. It sounds quite a bit like a Miles Davis Quintet song from the late 1950s early 60s. Bob Tildesley's sound and improvisation is quite reminiscent of Miles.


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This performance features Gillespie on drums, Glen Halls on piano, Bob Tildesley on trumpet with harmon mute, Bill Jamieson on tenor sax, Thom Golub on bass, Mike Gillespie on drums. The concert was from a composer's reading session as part of the 2008 exploration creative music festival in Edmonton, Canada.






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