solo creative piano free jazz improvisation

'Just a Trace'

Solo piano improvisation by Glen Charles Halls

This recording features and extended free improvisation by Canadian Jazz pianist Glen Charles Halls. There is quite a bit of energy and 'power' in this playing, as Halls fearlessly hammers down chords and lines. At one point he finds himself in a beautiful arpeggio/ostinato/pedal section which has folk overtones, and the music settles into a kind of 'healing vibe'. It is a unique recording and a unique pianist, in he approaches the piano with the energy of a Cecil Taylor, but brings it towards more recognizeable tonal-derived harmonies at times. There are few pianists who use the entire piano in quite this fashion.


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This recording was made at the University of Alberta in 2006. It is an excellent piano recording. A feat of endurace in some respects as well, as Halls follows his stream of consciousness in an improvisation over 30 minutes long.