free jazz duo

In The Balance

This recording presents percussionist-vibraphonist Mark Hundevad in duo improvisation with pianist Glen Charles Halls. In this interesting free jazz improvisation, Hundevad alternates between the trinidad steel drum and the vibraphone. There is quite a bit of movement in this song, and even though there are no preset harmonies, the duo do seem to arrive at a particular kind of harmonic space if you will. The main 'functional unit' of the improv, is 'interval'. The relative amount of rhythmic activity, melodic activity, timbral variety, and controlled dissonance, is kept 'in the balance'.


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Glen Charles Halls and Mark Hundevad released an Album called 'Visions of the Bear' in 2013 which features some playing similar to this. If interested, please visit Itunes or Amazon or CDbaby and check it out.