modern contemporary jazz piano

'Happy Way'

Glen Charles Halls, composer and pianist

This contemporary jazz recording, which might be called an African/gospel world fusion recording, features Canadian Pianist Glen Charles Halls from his 1994 performance of his composition "Happy Way". The composition is a form of tribute to one of his early piano idols, the South Afrian Pianist Dollar Brand, who also goes by the name Abdullah Ibrahim. For much of the composition the left hand performs an almost 'uncountable' pulstating rhythmic ostinato, while the right hand plays a strong gospel-inspired lead line above. Improvsiation is 'free' above this rhythmic ostinato.


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Sheet music for this song is available from Sound of Light music.

Happy Way is also released on Glen Halls' CD "Cleo's Lullaby ", (1994)which is released on Deeksha Records





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