modern free jazz

'Ground Bass'

Members of the 'braintrust' improvisation collective

A Ground Bass is one of the early forms of counterpoint as it moved into a freer harmonic style , just before the time of J.S. Bach. In this free improvisation by members of the Braintrust Ensemble, a saxophonist spontaneously creates a descending line as a 'theme'. This low pitched descending line is maintained and becomes a kind of ground bass, around which the members of the ensemble improvise.


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This recording is of a performance at the Kathedral in Toronto in 2002. Members of the group include Gord Allen, trumpet, Adam Hutchison, guitar, Glen Halls, piano, Joe Sorbara, drums, Paco Luviano, bass, Evan Shaw, saxophone, Johnny Bakan, saxophone, .. informally called the 'braintrust ensemble'. Fine music !