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Four Rooms Incident

Performance by a jazz quarter made up of Alan Penner, guitar, Joe Sorbara, drums, Paco Luviano, bass, and Glen C. Halls, keyboards. This performance took place at "Kathedral" in Toronto Canada in 2002.


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An example of modal inspired creative freejazz rock fusion, the quartet, sometimes called the "Braintrust" ensemble of Glen Halls', with a distorted keyboard sound and an exotic groove. It sounds a bit like the Mahavishnu Orchestra of John McGlaughlin at times. Remember, this is live club jazz.

To create interest, the ensemble decided to play some of their sound waves in reverse!

The 'four rooms' is a now defunct restaurant in Edmonton that featured live jazz. It has absolutely nothing to do with this recording, but an incident did occur their, that seemed worthy of a song title!