jazz ballad duo

'Fleeting Thoughts'

Phil Dwyer, soprano sax. Glen C. Halls, piano.

Here is a recording of a beautiful jazz ballad called "Fleeting Thoughts", composed by Glen C. Halls.


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It is performed by Phil Dwyer, soprano sax, and Glen Halls, piano. This music was recorded in Toronto, Canada in about 1998. The song features fresh, complex harmonies and sonorities, tonal, yet containing meaured dissonance. Dwyer plays with a strong, full tone and gets to the core-vibe of the tune right away. Sheet music or piano music for Fleeting thoughts can be found by contacting sound of light music.

The song Fleeting thoughts was released on Halls' album "Progression Meditation" from deeksha records, which can be purchased online from CDbaby or Amazon.






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