free jazz

First Collage

This recording features drummer Tim Macintyre, bassist Dale James, and pianist Glen Charles Halls in a free improvisation, upon which additional sounds are superimposed in a collage fashion. This music was mostly recorded in 1996, in Calgary, Canada.


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The album "Collage" is soon to be re-released on Deeksha Records . The album begins with some rather incredible electroacoustic drone textures before Halls' piano enters. The trio begins with some hard free swinging jazz, before settling into a groove. Another exotic electroacoustic texture takes over, some of it containing fragments of Halls' very early electroacoustic works, actually composed with tape loops. The music then fades into some world-fusion inspired sequenced elements, over which dueling rhodes pianos play. The trio returns with some funky beat improv and fast swing. The entire journey is about 33 minutes long.