freejazz creative trio improvisation

'The Creative Mystics'

Free Jazz improvisation by Bill Jamieson, tenor sax, Mark Hundevad, drums, and Glen Charles Halls, piano.

This recording of the 'creative mystics' features unbelievably high energy and virtuosic free jazz improvisation from this jazz trio. This performance is almost 1 hour in length and you can hear it all right here.


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This live performance is from the 2008 Explorations Creative jazz improvisation festival in Edmonton, Canada. With Glen Charles Halls, piano, Bill Jamieson, tenor sax, with Mark Hundevad, on drums, the 'creative mystics' might just blow your mind. If you are a fan of hard core full on free jazz improvisation in the tradition of Cecil Taylor, Alberta Ayler, and Tony Oxley or Bob Moses, you will probably really like this recording.





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