new creative jazz improvisation large ensemble

'Cavernous Adventure'

Edmonton Creative Musician's Collective

A large ensemble creative jazz improvisation performance by members of the Edmonton creative musicians collective. This performance took place in June of 2008 as part of the 2008 Explorations Creative music festival. In the background you can hear the ticking of a clock, 7 minutes, as the duration of the improvisation was randomly determined by a throw of the dice.

In this improvisation a 'un-earthly' and mysterious texture is created as the band members exchange lyrical searching lines and various extended techniques and effects. The drumming of Ron DeJong integrates the activities of the other musicians, creating perhaps an 'image' of exploring some mysterious subterranean space.


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Members of the ensemble include Ron DeJong on drums, Thom Golub on Bass, David Hoyle on alto saxophone, Bill Jamieson on saxophone, and, Brian Schultze on electric guitar.






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