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Solo piano improvisation by Glen Charles Halls

This recording features Canadian Jazz pianist Glen Charles Halls in an extended solo piano improvisation called 'Awakenings'. At one of the more interesting parts of the improvisation, Halls seems to be playing 'Blue in Green', (by Miles Davis/Bill Evans, and is 'sort of in Bb major/lydian) but superimposes a bass pedal of a low Gb three 8ves below. In other words, he uses and assimilates the meldoy of Blue in Green as upper harmonics of Gb, creating and 'acoustically pure' drone texture.


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Towards the end, he appears to be improvisating in a loose rendition of Giant Steps by John Coltrane, rendered in a very fluid ballad style. Recorded in 2008, this performance took place as part of Explorations Creative Jazz festival in Edmonton, Canada. The improvisation is just over 30 minutes long